Helena Ramalhinho Lourenço is a Full Professor at the Economics and Business Department at the University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain. She has a B.A. and Master degree in Statistics and Operations Research from the University of Lisbon, Portugal, and a Ph.D. in Operations Research from Cornell University, New York, USA. She has been involved in different research projects and consulting for business firms in the area of Operations Research and Logistics. Helena has published many articles in prestigious international scientific journals and she has presented her work at international congresses and conferences. Helena teaches at various undergraduate, master’s and PhD’s programs at UPF and other universities. She is currently the director of the Business Analytics Research Group. Her research interests include Operations Research, Scheduling, Combinatorial Optimization, Metaheuristics, Iterated Local Search, Heuristic Search Optimization, Vehicle Routing, and applications on Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Operations Management and Health Care. Actually, Helena is the The vice-rector (president) for Internationalization of the UPF.


Department of Economics and BusinessUniversitat Pompeu FabraTrias Fargas, 25-27, Barcelona 08005, Spain 
My office: 20.210 at Building Jaume I


About my name

My full name is: Helena Ramalhinho Dias Lourenço

Some other Publications Names:
  • Helena Ramalhinho
  • Lourenco, H.R.
  • Lourenço, H.
  • Ramalhinho, Helena
  • Ramalhinho Lourenço, Helena
  • Helena R. Lourenço
  • Ramalhinho-Lourenço, H.

I started publishing as H. R. Lourenço, however due several problems with the ç (c-cedilla) in my last name and difficulties with the citations in June 2013,  I changed it to H. Ramalhinho.

About Portuguese last names see this web… Different from Spanish order of last names!!!!

Portuguese rule to compose the name.