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BARG ands BGSMath Events


In collaboration with the Barcelona Graduate School of mathematics (BGSMath) and the Business Analytics research Group (BARG), Helena, together with other colleagues, is participating in three different events:


Presentation at Workshop WORLO III

DSC03099 (Large)Helena participated in the workshop WORLO III – WORKSHOP ON REAL LIFE OPTIMIZATION, 25-26 of January, Valencia, Spain. Helena presented a her work on “Iterated Local Search and Extensions”. In this talk, she presented the last advances of ILS to solve stochastic bilevel optimization problems!

Invited Speaker at Metaheuristics Summer School 2018

Helena Ramalhinho is one of the invited speakers at the MESS 2018 – Metaheuristics Summer School – from Design to Implementation – MESS 2018 – to be hold at 21-25 July 2018, Taormina, Italy


MESS 2018 is aimed at qualified and strongly motivated MSc and PhD students; post-docs; young researchers, and both academic and industrial professionals to provide an overview on the several metaheuristics techniques, and an in-depth analysis of the state-of-the-art. As first edition, MESS 2018 wants to analyze all metaheuristics from its designing to its implementation. In particular, in MESS 2018 will be analyzed modern heuristic methods for search and optimization problems, as well as the classical exact optimization methods, seen also in the metaheuristics context.

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MIC / MAEB 2017

Last July, the Universitat Pompeu Fabra host the 12th edition of the Metaheuristics International MIC GROUPConference (MIC 2017)  and the XII Metaheurísticas, Algoritmos Evolutivos y Bioinspirados (MAEB 2017) ( 4th to 7th July 2017).

The MIC conference series was established in 1995 and this is its 12th edition. MIC is the main event focusing on the progress of the area of Metaheuristics and their applications. As in previous editions, MIC 2017 provided an opportunity to the international research community in Metaheuristics to discuss recent research results, to develop new ideas and collaborations, and to meet old and make new friends in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

IMG_0820MAEB 2017 is the annually Spanish more relevant congress in Metaheuristics and Bio-inspired Algorithms.

Helena Ramalhinho, together with Angel Juan, Abraham Duarte, Ana Viana and Belén Mélian were the chairs of the conferences. More than 300 researchers from all over the world assist to the conference.

Workshop Fred80fest: Innovations in Optimization and Applications

UntitledHelena was invited to give a talk on “ILS, Hybrid ILS … and other extensions” at the workshop Fred80fest: Innovations in Optimization and Applications, in Boulder, Colorado (March 2017). This workshop was organized by Manuel Laguna, Gary Kochenberger David Woodruff in honor of Fred Glover. Fred has devoted his academic life to innovation, particularly in the area of optimization. The purpose of this workshop is to celebrate his accomplishments and discuss innovations that are enabling the solution of complex optimization problems in practical settings.

Plenary Speaker at the HM2016

Helena Ramalhinho is one of the Plenary Speakers of the 10th International Workshop on Hybrid Metaheuristics

The title of the talk is “From ILS to Hybrid ILS … and other extensions“.

Abstract: Iterated Local Search (ILS) is a conceptually simple and efficient Metaheuristic. The main idea behind ILS is to drive the search not on the full space of all candidate solutions but on the solutions that are returned by some underlying algorithm, typically a local search heuristic. This method has been applied to many different optimization problems with more than 5,000 entries in Google Scholar. In this talk, we will review briefly the ILS method and focus on the extensions of ILS as the hybrid ILS approaches, the different hybridizations implementations and the advantages and disadvantages of these hybridizations. We will also discuss other ILS extensions as the SimILS (Simulation+ILS) to solve Stochastic Combinatorial Optimization Problems, and the MoILS, to solve Multiobjective Combinatorial Optimization Problems. In addition, we will review the most important applications of ILS and extensions in different areas, from Supply Chain Management to Health Care. Finally, future research topics will be presented.